Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Malaysian Government intimidates witness in UK defamation matter; Theresa May faces rule of law issues. compromised by special meeting with Najib Razak

by Ganesh Sahathevan

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Malaysian Government and PM Najib Razak  spokesman, the Manchester based Raja Petra Kamaruddin, has published a series of articles attacking a Malaysian witness in a UK defamation matter; Hadi Awang v Clare Rewcastle Brown.

That the witness is Malaysian human rights campaigner Ambiga Sreenevasan, one of Najib and his government's most vocal critics, makes motive for the attacks rather obvious, raising all sorts of rule of law issues for UK PM Theresa May. May recently met with Najib, as he was passing through en-route Malaysia. It was not an official visit, but portrayed by Malaysian media as an affirmation of Najib's stature in the UK.

Petra is not alone. Minister in the Prime Minister's Department, Rahman Dahlan has gone so far as to demand that Ambiga hand over any and all information she may have on Hadi Awang, whose support Najib and his Government are relying on to get re-elected.

Hadi Awang is suing for defamation he says was caused by  Rewcastle-Brown's publication on her Sarawak Report news site where she claimed that Najib had used money from 1MDB to buy Hadi's support. 

The problem for May : What does one do when  a Commonwealth PM, with whom you are supposed to have a special relationship , uses his power to intimidate a witness in a matter before UK courts,clearly attempting to undermine the processes of the UK justice system? In other words, what to do when contempt of a UK court is being perpetrated by a close ally, the Prime Minister Of Malaysia,and his associates?


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