Friday, October 6, 2017

The matter of Corrs ,the PRC and the PLA: National security trumps legal professional privilege;likely that privileged info already in the hands of foreign agencies

by Ganesh Sahathevan 

Current Chinese President Xi Jinping with Corrs CEO John W.H. Denton

Given law firm Corrs and its CEO John Denton's admission on the Corrs website that the  Darwin Port deal will provide Chinese  naval vessels with facilitated access to Australia,  it is in the national interest that all records at Corrs be reviewed  to determine how and to what extent Australian national interests have been compromised. 

Corrs and Denton will no doubt claim that their files are all subject to legal professional privilege, but national security must trump that of some law firm and its clients making a bit of money.In any case, it is more likely than not that Corrs IT systems have already been breached by any number of intelligence agencies in this region. Denton and his partners may , for example, want to familiarize themselves with the acronym RAW.



Friday, September 29, 2017

Corrs CEO John W.H. Denton has made himself ,and Corrs a matter of national security ;it is in the national interest that Corrs China deals be open to public scrutiny

by Ganesh Sahathevan

Current Chinese President Xi Jinping with Corrs CEO John W.H. Denton
Former Chinese President Hu Jintao with Corrs CEO John W.H. Dentonnto

Anyone,let alone a major law firm and a very senior lawyer,who says these things and buttresses it with photos of the type above, invites public scrutiny.
In fact,statements of this type,proudly published on the Corrs website, invite not only Australian public scrutiny, but attention from intelligence agencies of all affected countries:

In a recent visit to Xinjiang in China's far west, the Corrs China Business Group met with numerous officials who enthusiastically shared their role in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).This initiative (one of a number of initiatives encompassed by OBOR) is intended to promote connectivity across Pakistan with a network of highways, railways and pipelines accompanied by energy, industrial and other infrastructure development projects to address critical energy shortages needed to boost Pakistan’s economic growth. Eventually, CPEC will also facilitate trade along an overland route that connects China to the Indian Ocean, linking the Chinese city of Kashgar to the Pakistani port of Gwadar.
In a world that is increasingly interconnected and as a trading nation, Australia has a significant role to play in the policy thinking on global maritime economic issues. Australia is working with Chinese officials as they develop the country’s maritime economy strategy. As a maritime trading nation, these strategic issues of vital importance to us, including their political dimensions. Attracting capital to Northern Australia as part of OBOR will be a key focus.Darwin is intended to be a crucial link in China's new 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. The recent Darwin Port deal will provide Chinese shipping and naval vessels with facilitated access to Australia, the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific, as well as to Indonesia and PNG over the coming century.


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