Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saudi's King Salman & Malaysia's PM Najib help Muslim preacher Zakir Naik,wanted for terrorism, evade arrest in India-Meanwhile, Salman wants to convince Trump that he can be trusted to fight terrorism

by Ganesh Sahathevan

These stories say it all.

Saturday, 20 May 2017 | MYT 12:07 PM

Zakir Naik granted Saudi citizenship

PETALING JAYA: Saudi Arabia has granted citizenship to controversial preacher Dr Zakir Naik (pic), who has an Interpol Red Notice on him calling for his arrest.

Dr Zakir is a wanted man in India for allegedly financing terror activities and money-laundering.
According to the Middle East Monitor, the 51-year-old preacher left India last year in an apparent bid to evade arrest.
This was after some of those involved in the Dhaka terror attack, which saw people hacked to death, claimed that they were inspired by him.
Indian enforcement officials have revoked Dr Zakir's passport and approached Interpol to issue a Red Notice, which requests member nations to locate and provisionally arrest an individual pending extradition.
The Middle East Monitor reported that Dr Zakir, who was in Saudi Arabia, would be forced to return to India if his passport was revoked.
The portal said the Mumbai passport office did not appear to have anticipated Saudi Arabia granting citizenship to him and moved to revoke his passport while a special court sent out an arrest warrant for him.
Dr Zakir was denied entry into Canada and the United Kingdom in 2012 after reportedly expressing support for terrorist group Al-Qaeda.
Peace TV, his television channel, has also been banned in Bangladesh, Canada and in the United Kingdom.
However, it recently came to light that he was given Permanent Resident (PR) status in Malaysia five years ago.
Dr Zakir's recent presence in Malaysia had ruffled the feathers of MIC Youth, which has lodged multiple police reports against him.
Saturday, 20 May 2017 | MYT 7:57 PM

Najib: Malaysia to work with US and other Muslim countries in fighting extremism

Najib and Rosmah (left) greeted by Riyadh vice-governor Prince Mohammed Abdulrahman at the King Salman Air Base in Saudi Arabia
Najib and Rosmah (left) greeted by Riyadh vice-governor Prince Mohammed Abdulrahman at the King Salman Air Base in Saudi Arabia
PETALING JAYA: Malaysia will work together with the United States and other Muslim countries to fight the threats of terrorism and violent extremism, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Najib is currently in Saudi Arabia for a three-day working visit to participate in the Arab-Islamic-US Summit, where terrorism and violent extremism is high on the agenda.
His visit has coincided with the state visit of United States President Donald Trump to Saudi Arabia.
"I believe that this summit represents an important attempt to bring ties between the Muslim world and the US to new levels," said Najib in a blog post on Saturday.
"With even greater mutual understanding, we can work together all the better to fight the ignorance, exclusion and sense of grievance that can fuel violent extremism," he said.
Najib said that all the countries at the summit are committed to eradicating the Islamic State (IS).
"We must ensure that the barbarism we see in Syria and Iraq is rooted out," he said.
"We must show that we stand ready to confront terror swiftly and decisively wherever and whenever it manifests itself. We must never surrender," he added.
Najib said the summit presents an opportunity to forge a partnership to "stand united together as one" and be firm and "ready to act".
"I am confident that this gathering will renew and re-energise the friendship between all present and produce new roadmaps for cooperation, security and understanding," he said.
He said that he is also willing to share Malaysia's experience and expertise in dealing with the threat at the summit.
Najib said the threat of terrorism still remains high, and that few countries have been spared by the violence.
He said even Malaysia had suffered from an IS-linked attack last year when two men threw a hand grenade at a nightclub in Puchong, injuring eight people.
"It is only through the determined, heroic actions of our police and security forces that there were no fatalities and further atrocities have been thwarted.
"It is crucial that all Muslim countries and leaders make it absolutely clear that there is nothing Islamic about terrorism," said Najib.
"Any who say it is have been deceived by false preachers and by those who are ignorant of or misinformed about our religion," he said.
Najib said that "authentic Islam" is a religion of enlightenment, civilisation and scholarship, not of destruction and death.
"Malaysia will never falter in our efforts to fight for moderation and the true path of Islam, and to say loudly and clearly to the extremists that they do not speak for us," he said.

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