Thursday, February 2, 2017

A deal is a deal: Turnbull, Payne and Pyne can expect scrutiny of that DCNS deal-It is in the interest of the US to do so

by Ganesh Sahathevan

Mr Pyne and the boss of DCNS, Herve Guillou, visit the shipyards in Cherbourg.
Mr Pyne and the boss of DCNS, Herve Guillou, visit the shipyards in Cherbourg.

The Malcolm Turnbull, Christopher Pyne and Marise Payne AUD 50  billion deal with DCNS of France smells for many , many reason, not least given DCNS's history of corruption.

This writer has previously noted that it is in the interest of the United States to have the DCNS deal investigated, and to have Australia lease the US's Virginia class submarines, immediately:
Dump compromised DCNS Barracudas, lease US Virginias: A simple commercial arrangement that will keep Trump engaged in the defence of this

Trump' calling  Turnbull's Nauru deal "dumb" comes after Turnbull thought he could corner Trump by having that deal concluded with Obama,. It also comes after Turnbull declared that he ,and especially he, could replace the US with China in the TPPA.

Turnbull can now expect, if not already, every deal he has entered into to come under extreme vetting.


Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Payne's admission requires investigation of submarine contracts: Is l'affaire Adelaide a repeat of DCNS's l'affaire Karachi?

by Ganesh Sahathevan

Australian Defence Minsiter Marise Payne protested on ABC last night that her boyfriend's "attempt" at contacting DCNS in Paris just a week before she announced DCNS as winner of the Competitive Evaluation Process for AUD 50 billion contract for the construction of 12 submarines, was nothing more than what any trade minister would do as part of the Process. 
In Payne's words ::

MARISE PAYNE: No. I understand that that is part of a series of meetings that any Trade Minister from Australia from any state in the Commonwealth, frankly, would endeavour to have with participants in the CEP (Competitive Evaluation Process) process.

As explained in the previous post :
The CEP was basically a fashion parade, so it is hard to see why there was any need for anyone to seek a meeting with any  bidder

unless it was to provide assistance with the bidding process.

Payne has , in effect ,admitted that there has been at least an attempt to do so  by her boyfriend, Stuart Ayres. This would not of course be the first time that DCNS has managed to combine elections, election funding ,and a contract for submarines.
l'affaire Karachi is yet to be resolved.

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