Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Obama's UNSC Israel Resolution: Co-sponsors New Zealand & Malaysia bias evidenced by NZ's Shewan Inquiry

by Ganesh Sahathevan

Jenny Shipley

John Shewan

It has been earlier reported on this blog that Obama's UNSC Resolution on Israel may be tainted, possibly made invalid , by his friend Malaysian PM Najib's 1MDB theft.
The primary sponsors of that ,resolution, formally known as UN Security Council Resolution 2334 (2016), appear to be Malaysia and New Zealand.

While New Zealand's leadership is not as compromised as Malaysia's PM Najib it does have a strong connection to the 1MDB scandal that plagues Najib.That issue has been reported in this posting:
How did New Zealand's Shewan inquiry miss the Low family's 1MDB theft?

Shewan is also a director of the New Zealand subsidiary of the China Construction Bank, which has been the subject of US Fed money laundering investigations. The New Zealand subsidiary 's chairman is former NZ prime minister Jenny Shipley, who has made clear that her bank would be a conduit for Chinese money which is much needed in New Zealand.

Chinese investment does not come without strings, as Najib has discovered recently.That matter also has been reported on this blog:
Malaysia's acceptance of China’s One Belt, One Road a condition of Chinese loan and investment

What New Zealand has had to give away in exchange for Chinese money is not yet apparent, but given the investment in Malaysia's Najib, it is in China's interest to ensure that the 1MDB scandal does not harm him any further.The Shewan Inquiry overlooking the 1MDB issue has certainly helped Najib and his business associates, Larry Low and son Jho Low. 

In addition the Lows, whose NZ trust the Shewan Inquiry seems to have ignored in the course of its investigations, remain  major players in Najib's dealings with the Chinese, as well as the 1MDB scandal which is an important factor in the China-Najib relationship (see 
China to help 1MDB settle multibillion-dollar legal dispute)

We have then a situation where   Malaysia, the main sponsor of Obama's UN resolution,  tainted by a US DOJ investigation into theft and money laundering, and the co-sponsor New Zealand entangling itself in that investigation given its Shewan Inquiry's  denying that the proceeds of the theft are being hidden using a NZ trust.
That .Shewan is himself a  CCB director adds to the perception that Obama's UN resolution is compromised by  bias borne of self-interest of its sponsors. As the Pinochet matter teaches us, perception matters.

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