Monday, January 2, 2017

Malaysia's acceptance of China’s One Belt, One Road a condition of Chinese loan and investment-What did Dennis Richardson, Defence and Turnbull give away for Darwin Port, other Chinese investment?

by Ganesh Sahathevan 

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China says Darwin , PNG, parts of the China Belt And Road Initiative

The investigative news site Sarawak Report has revealed that Malaysia's Prime Minister Najib entered into an agreement with a Chinese entity for the financing and construction of multi-billion dollar rail project which contained the following terms and conditions:

“Direct award on extremely favourable terms by GOM on an accelerated basis”
“Malaysia’s adoption of Chinese rail technology into Malaysia’s mega infrastructure projects”
“Malaysia’s acceptance and expansion of China’s One Belt, One Road strategy”
The wording suggests that China's One Belt One Road policy has more in common with the Japanese Imperial Army's Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere that it does with say the European Union's free market.
As previously reported on this blog, China considers PNG and Darwin part of the Belt & Road, even if that ambition is not advertised.

Despite this, the Secretary Department of Defence , Dennis Richardson, and PM Malcolm Turnbull ,have insisted that the sale of Darwin Port to China's Landnridge does not raise any security issues. 
It does appear as if Australia , like Malaysia , has signalled its 
"acceptance and expansion of China’s One Belt, One Road strategy”.The only difference is that in Malaysia there is  an acknowledgement that these types of deals are tainted by corruption 

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