Monday, August 29, 2016

If they have not already done so,Chinese hackers will now know to hack Alastair MacGibbon's email accounts: Turnbull govt shows yet again a special talent for leaking secrets


Now that agile, innovative and disruptive Malcolm Turnbull's Special Adviser on Cyber Security has advertised his position on the prime time ABC Four Corners programme, Chinese and other  hackers who were unaware of his position are likely to attempt to hack into his computers, email accounts,and anything else in cyber space that is linked to him.
They are likely to do so for he is a vital node  via which a significant amount of information on Australia's cyber security and counter measures will probably flow.
It s for that reason that security advisers usually keep a low profile.Most people would understand that, but not it seems the Australian prime minister who claims to have brought his country into the cyber sphere.


Alastair MacGibbon

Alastair MacGibbon

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