Tuesday, August 30, 2016

General Tan Sri Aziz Zainal Jailing Will Cost Voters -Consequences of Malaysia's unprecedented jailing of a former Chief of Army and Chief Of Armed Forces

by Ganesh Sahathevan

                   Jen (ret) Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Haji Zainal
The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency announced on Monday that it had charged and remanded (ie held in prison) a former Chief Of Army and Chief Of Armed Forces, General Tan Sri Aziz  Zainal.
Malay political and cultural reality dictates that regardless of the merits of the charges against him, General Aziz will be seen by his men  to have been humiliated by a Government that has been slow to move on far larger cases of corruption like 1 MDB.

His troops will draw parallels between the treatment of their chief  (it matters not that he has retired) and Jho Low of 1 MDB infamy.Questions will also be asked about Riza Aziz , PM Najib's step-son who is said to have directly benefited from Jho Low's theft.

Story image for jho low from Malaysia Chronicle

Malaysia Chronicle

Malaysian soldiers and their leaders are not likely to overthrow their government in an armed revolt, but the Government does rely on them as voters, both in their constituencies and for their postal votes. Given the treatment of their chief, compliance with orders on how and where to vote can no longer be taken for granted. The Government and UMNO may have lost a substantial bank of voters.


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