Saturday, July 16, 2016

MH 17 : On the second anniversary Malaysia's PM Najib spends time in Moscow,while Australia's Julie Bishop continues to defend her handling of the issue

by Ganesh Sahathevan

While Julie "Kissinger" Bishop is still  contemplating-g how best to utilize her UN Resolution on MH 17, Malaysia's PM Najib marks the second anniversary of that accident in Moscow.
His official plane, using the NR 1 call sign has been tracked  PlaneFinder over this past week in Moscow, and is believed to be now en-route Kazakhstan.

 Bishop and then PM Tony Abbot accused Russia and Putin  of  deliberately shooting down the Malaysian Airline plane, Abbott famously threatening to school-boyishly "shirt  front" Putin.
Readers will recall that Putin responded by sending Russian naval ships to Brisbane, catching Australia's "best in the world" intelligence and naval commanders off-guard.
As this writer said then, Australia would have been better off working with Malaysia to resolve the matter, but of course our Julie had other plans....the UN means so much to her, she even takes her boyfriend on dates to  UN General Assembly  meetings. 

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