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Hillary Clinton, Bosmal, and the Al-Qaeda financier TWRA

by Ganesh Sahathevan 

It is reported here with the links to the photos refreshed. 

19 May 2006
Hilary Clinton supports Clark-Bosmal plan

The US Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton expressed her support for Clark-Bosmal plan for construction of Corridor 5C Highway across BiH, during her meeting with Edin Šabanović, executive director of "Bosmal" d.o.o. in New York. Hillary Clinton, wife of former US President Bill Clinton is the only First Lady elected to the Senate as representative of the State of New York. During his visit to the US, Senator Clinton invited Edin Šabanović to a private dinner, together with small group of New York businessmen. During conversation, Senator Clinton commented on the beginning of construction of Corridor 5C Highway across BiH: "I was personally present at the meeting in which General Wesley K Clark decided to take part in this project, with desire to assist in revitalization of BiH economy. I fully support his plan to go into realization of this project together with "Bosmal", as the project is vital for BiH", said Senator Clinton


At the dinner, Senator Clinton also evoked many memories that she and her husband, former US President Bill Clinton, have of Bosnia and Herzegovina. General Clark, former supreme commander of NATO and one of key architects of peace in BiH, is interested to, in partnership with "Bosmal" lead the consortium of private investors who would finance the project for construction of highway along Corridor 5C.
The   website was at least up until 2008,  registered in the name of one Mevludin Sinanagic, who is,  according to an   Internet  registery's  document,  owner of the website, and from  the company Bosmal D.O.O.
The same person appears to be the person in charge or at least the contact person for the Third World Relief Agency (TWRA) , in Visoko, Bosnia Herzegovina.(
According to a Washington Post story published in 1996 (archived at
….…… The story of the Third World Relief Agency, reconstructed from documents and interviews with police, banking officials and intelligence sources, makes clear how much the Bosnian government depended on outside aid to obtain and pay for desperately needed weapons. It also shows how the embargo drove the Muslim government into alliances with some of the world's most radical states, as well as terrorist movements ……..militants in the terrorist underworld are also believed to have used the relief agency to get money to the Bosnian government, including the wealthy Saudi Arabian emigre Osama Binladen, a suspected sponsor of militant Islamic groups around the Middle East….. Investigators say the agency also had ties to Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, a radical Egyptian cleric who was convicted of planning several terrorist bombings in New York and is linked to the group that carried out the World Trade Center bombing in February 1993. …….. A senior Western diplomat in the region said the Clinton administration knew about the Third World Relief Agency and its activities beginning in 1993. Still, the United States took no action to stop its fund-raising or arms purchases, in large part because of the administration's sympathy for the Muslim government and ambivalence about maintaining the arms embargo.

Hillary Clinton's BOSMAL appearance took place just 5 years after 9-11.It is hard to believe that she was not aware of BOSMAL's antecedents.


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