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On the matter of the US$ 681 million donation to PM Najib: AG Apandi has provided evidence that it was in fact a payment in two tranches, for two separate purposes

by Ganesh Sahathevan 

In his recent press conference on the matter of the corruption investigation into Malaysian PM Najib Razak the country's  Attorney General Apandi said: 

"Furthermore, in August 2013, a sum of US$620 million (RM2.03 billion) was returned by Yang Amat Berhormat PM to the Saudi royal family because the sum was not utilised." A sum of US$681 million (RM2.08 billion) had been deposited into the prime minister's personal accounts between March 22, 2013 and April 10, 2013, and Apandi said based on evidence from witnesses and supporting documents submitted by the anti-graft agency, the money was a personal donation to Najib from the Saudi royal family which "was given to him without any consideration"

That breakdown of payments into two tranches , a sum of US$ 620 million that was "returned" and another sum of approximately  US$ 61 million that was used in Malaysia for some other  purpose, is significant for it corresponds exactly with the breakdown of payments when they were first  received at AmIslamic  from Wells Fargo.

As previously explained (see story  below) the two tranches were described as payments ,and not as donations.This new piece of evidence provided by the Attorney General of Malaysia suggests that the quantum of the two tranches was PREDETERMINED  for ease of transfer.
This image from Sarawak Report  explains it clearly  ,give or take a few million.

The "donation" , "do what you like with it" story does not look likely.Readers are also reminded that the money sent to Singapore has probably been frozen by the Monetary Authority Of Singapore.


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On the matter of the US$ 681 million donation to Prime Minister Najib Razak: Sender did not describe payment as a donation

by Ganesh Sahathevan
The Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has said that  someone has sent him a donation of US$ 681 million, via Wells Fargo Bank of New York, using a BVI company (since liquidated) called Tanore Finance. That company was a client of Falcon Private Bank Of Singapore, which was the ordering institution for that wire transfer.

The Wall Street Journal which broke the story of that massive "donation" hasplaced on-line the relevant documents.

Readers are referred to pages 2 and 3 of the documents,and to the items marked70-Remittance Information.
Curiously the transfers  (the sum total was paid in two amounts)  are  described as  "Payment" and not " Donation".
This is not a matter of mere semantics.In these days of heightened controls on the transfer of funds, given the fear of terrorist financing, descriptions are important , even for very small sums. In this case where that large amount of money was being transferred to an individual the description becomes even more important.

Readers may also be interested in item 71A Details o Charges
 "SHA" means charges are shared and it is again curious that such a generous donor would want the recipient to share in the charges for the transfer.
A PDF copy of the documents may be sighted at :

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