Monday, November 16, 2015

" World's best" security agencies have got it wrong: Turnbull's exaggeration suggests the lot are lost ,floundering

by Ganesh Sahathevan 

Malcolm Turnbull , quoting his "world's best" security and policing agencies, has assured fans like Philip Coorey :

Refugees coming to Australia were carefully screened to ensure their background did not mean they posed a security risk, he said, and those who posed the greatest danger were usually second or third generation. This was backed by the security authorities to whom he had just spoke.

On ABC's Insiders Turnbull assured his other fans that Australia has the "best" security and policing agencies in "the world". 

It is obvious that  Turnbull and his "world's best" agencies are somewhat detached from reality, if not pursuing a political agenda at the expense of our security. To begin with they seem  unaware of even recent history. Man Monis was obviously not a  second or third generation migrant.There is legislation before parliament to strip dual citizens of Australian citizenship for security reasons. The legislation is obviously being introduced with first generation migrants in mind.

Then there are the first generation who have successfully used Australia as
base from which to promote the Islamist and jihadist cause here and overseas. The case of Zulfikar Mohamad Shariff is a case in point.
His support and that of his children, some born here, the others in Malaysia and Singapore, illustrates the idiocity of the conclusions reached by our “world class” agencies and pretensions leaders, whose exaggerated assessment of our intelligence and security agencies belies fear and bewilderment.
And even if this writer is wrong, what  has past experience with migrants  have to do with the potential of Syrian refugees who will be arriving in large numbers from a war zone very soon for jihadist activities once they are here? Perhaps there is something in the water at Point Pier that the rest of us are unaware of?

First generation migrants making a public show of their love for the flag.

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