Monday, November 30, 2015

If she were in the Islamist Royal Malaysian Navy, the RAN's Capt Mona Shindy would be considered a security threat and sacked

by Ganesh Sahathevan

The article below has been published on Andrew Bolt's Blog . Even if I were to discount his comments (with which I agree), Capt Mona Shindy's Twitter posts, particularly in response to the sacking of Tony Abbott,  ought to be considered a breach of the chain of command and be grounds for immediate dismissal from service if not demotion. Being a Naval officer and a high profile one at that Capt Shindy does not have the luxury of publicly stating a preference for prime minister or another. 
As for her comments concerning Islam, suffice to say that even in the Islamist  Royal Malaysian Navy these would be considered,  especially now,  evidence of a threat to national security and grounds for demotion at the very least. 
This writer expects Capt Shindy and her chief, Vice Admiral Tim Barret  to take offence, but before they do  the Vice Admiral may want to consider if his grandstanding in appointing an "Official Royal Australian Navy Islamic Advisor” was such a good idea. He may  want to speak with his Malaysian counterparts, but I should advice him that having joined thhe Navy in only 1976, he is unlikely to have sufficient knowledge of regional history to properly consider whatever they might tell him.

As Director Littoral Warfare and Maritime Support, Captain Shindy advises the Government on the best way to spend billions of dollars on replacement tankers, ships, patrol boats — almost everything except submarines.
She was previously charged with turning around the Fast Frigate System Program Office, from an inefficient organisation with adversarial stakeholder relationships, to a collaborative culture with performance-based contracts. And she shaved 30 per cent in costs from a $130 million budget.
But she has been made the ”Official Royal Australian Navy Islamic Advisor”, and in that role seems to have become the voice for Muslim grievance and victimology. I wonder what other senior member of the Australian Defence Force would be allowed to back a Mufti who blames our foreign policies and “Islamophobia” for Islamist terrorism, to praise a radical Anglican preacher known for calling former Immigration Minister Scott Morrison an international criminalfor turning back boats, and to endorse a radical American activist also attacking “Islamophobia”?: 
Just to remind you of the message of the Mufti that Shindy backs:
Australia’s Grand Mufti, our top Muslim cleric, responded to the Paris massacre not by blaming Muslims or Islam, but by blaming the West. Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohammed said five “causative factors” had to be tackled to stop more terrorism, and all involved Australia’s alleged sins against Muslims — “racism, Islamophobia, curtailing freedoms through securitisation, duplicitous foreign policies and military intervention”.
The apparent message: submit or risk death.
May I suggest Captain Shindy stick to trying to be the best captain in our navy? Her deeds will say so much more that is constructive than do her words.
Again I ask: what other ADF officer is allowed to blame our foreign policies for Islamist terrorist, and tweet or retweet endorsements of political leaders? And note that Shindy declares Islam perfect. Nowhere can I see tweets criticism of any named Muslim cleric or even named terrorist organisation, and nowhere any call for reform of Islam itself:
Remember: this is the “Official Royal Australian Navy Islamic Advisor” at work.

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