Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Chan-Sukumaran: When Australian "narrative" met Indon reality

While the navel gazing continues the fact is Jokowi, has acted for that which he was elected. As he put it again yesterday: 

That he is Megawati' s man is besides the point, and Australia should not assume that the Indon voter was or is ignorant of that fact.

Malaysian agencies saw all this coming even before the Indonesian election was held,and certainly before Jokowi was elected, They understood that the mood on the ground was for a president who would, unlike SBY, stand up to all Indonesia's neighbours,not concede anything, and rather assert Indonesia 

Australia and, one would presume Daft (otherwise known as the Department of Foreign Affairs And Trade) chose instead to "re-imagine" Australian-Indon relations ,and then presumed  that the Indons would  somehow conform with its "narrative".
The Australian reaction is akin to that of a child that has been denied. South l East Asian leaders have over the years learnt to deal with it ,first by letting the child rant and rave,and then wait for it to come back as it nothing happened. 

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