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A true test of the "vast majority of Muslims are peaceful" thesis-Liberal leaders should resist smirking, they could be next......

If Labor actually believed that the "vast majority of Muslims are peaceful peace loving people"this should not be an issue:

Public release of correspondence between John Robertson and Man Haron Monis.
Public release of correspondence between John Robertson and Man Haron Monis.

Robertson's explanation is entirely acceptable, he cannot be faulted.MPs and other elected representatives should not be expected to conduct background checks on all their constituents. 
Here however Labor leaders and members seem to be insisting that this case ought to have been treated differently, clearly because this man is Muslim. That is incongruent  with Labor,and the Liberals, insistence that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful peace-loving people ("we dont blame the Pope for the IRA") and that is only a very small minority who are extremist (howsoever defined).
Now that Roberston is facing the axe for this simple letter of support, I suspect the summer break is going to be spent by many an elected representative carefully sifting through his or her  files,ensuring that their files do not contain correspondence that might implicate them.

NSW Opposition Leader John Robertson facing Labor axe over letter for siege gunman Man Haron Monis

  • DECEMBER 23, 2014 12:00AM

OPPOSITION Leader John Robertson could face a leadership challenge as early as this week after revelations he signed a letter for Lindt cafe gunman Man Haron Monis.

Senior caucus colleagues last night launched a plot to topple Mr Robertson amid exasperation at his latest embarrassing gaffe, which has plunged Labor into disarray just three months before the state election.

“This is serious,” one senior Labor source said. “I think it’s unstoppable.”

Mr Robertson signed a letter for Monis in August, 2011, asking the Department of Family and Community Services (FACS) to allow the volatile extremist to see his estranged children. It was sent two years after Monis was charged with writing offensive letters to the families of slain Diggers.

The Labor source said the Monis incident was one of a “conflagration of problems” that had landed Mr Robertson in trouble.

The Labor leader also wrote to Roads Minister Duncan Gay in 2012 asking to him to reduce licence restrictions for Ewing Filipo, a reported bikie gang member.

Opposition treasury spokesman Michael Daley and environment spokesman Luke Foley are among those tipped to replace Mr Robertson.

A Labor source said: “Daley’s jumped the counter. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be Daley.”

Mr Daley did not return The Daily Telegraph's calls.

Man Haron Monis approached John Robertson for help in seeing his children.

Bankstown MP Tania Mihailuk has also been named as part of the push.

“Daley and Tania are hitting the phones hard,” another Labor source said.

“Daley is canvassing support as we speak.”

Andrew Clennell: Robertson signing his own death warrant

Editorial: Wrong man in Robbo’s corner

A petition of at least 12 signatures from Labor MPs would be required to force a spill. One MP speculated a spill could occur as early as this week: “If he goes of his own volition, you could hold it (a leadership ballot) over until new year but it (a spill) could be as early as this week.’’

Mr Robertson has led NSW Labor since 2011 but was not expected to win the March election and sources claimed any change of leader before the election would be to try and claw back Labor’s support in marginal seats.

Contender 2: Maroubra MP Michael Daley, elected in 2005, held roads, finance and police portfolios in last Labor government. A former corporate lawyer and Randwick Cr.

Contender 1: Environment spokesman Luke Foley was elected to the upper house in 2010. He is a former secretary and organiser of the Australian Services Union.

Leadership speculation has surrounded Mr Robertson since October last year, when The Daily Telegraph revealed he did not report to police the offer of a $3 million bribe from murdered standover man Michael McGurk while he was boss of Unions NSW.

Mr Robertson yesterday defended his involvement in the Monis letter debacle. He confirmed he acted on behalf of Monis after the extremist approached his Blacktown electorate office.

Monis was the subject of an AVO and engaged in Family Court proceedings when he sought help to arrange a supervised visit with his children on September 4.

Mr Robertson signed a letter outlining Monis’s request, which was sent to the NSW Department of Family and Community Services (FACS).

Under fire ... John Robertson.

He wrote: “It would be appreciated if you could consider this request as a matter of urgency given Father’s Day is Sunday 4 September 2011.”

FACS refused Monis’s request and Mr Robertson’s office relayed that decision to the Blacktown resident.

Mr Robertson said his electorate staff did not carry out background checks on Monis, though a simple internet search would have shown his history in the courts.

“He operated under many aliases over many years,” Mr Robertson said yesterday.

“My staff do not have the capacity to do Google checks or check on individuals.”

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Abbott in his own words-School boy language suggests again he cannot trusted with our safety, unlikely to learn from the Martin Pl incident ,best stick to surfing

It is important to remember that in this and other common law countries intent ,and hence the mental capacity to form that intent,are STILL prerequisites to being found guilty of a criminal act.It is important to remember that Monis has
a string of criminal convictions, was out on bail, and never escaped conviction on the grounds of insanity or mental incapacity.
And really, an "infatuation with extremism"? Abbott seems to think that the jihadism is no different from his school boy he ,and Mike Baird, stick to the passions of their youth, surfing for instance....

Sydney cafe gunman infatuated with extremism, mentally unstable: PM

Sydney cafe gunman infatuated with extremism, mentally unstable: PM
Sydney cafe gunman infatuated with extremism, mentally unstable: PM

Sydney (AFP) - An Iranian-born gunman who took hostages in a Sydney cafe was infatuated with extremism and mentally unstable, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott said Tuesday, calling the siege a "brush with terrorism".
"He had a long history of violent crime, infatuation with extremism and mental instability," Abbott said. "As the siege unfolded ... he sought to cloak his actions with the symbolism of the ISIL death cult."
The 50-year-old, widely named in the media as Man Haron Monis, took 17 people hostage at the Lindt cafe in central Sydney on Monday.
He was killed when police in SWAT-style gear stormed the eatery early Tuesday. Two hostages also died.
Abbott said he was well known to Australian authorities.
"We know that he sent offensive letters to the families of Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan and was found guilty of offences related to this," he said.
"We also know that he posted graphic extremist material online. Tragically, there are people in our community ready to engage in politically motivated violence."
Abbott praised police for the way they acted, saying Australians "should be reassured by the way our law enforcement and security agencies responded to this brush with terrorism".
"Plainly, there are lessons to be learned and we will thoroughly examine this incident to decide what lessons can be learned," he said, adding that "it will take time to clarify exactly what happened in Martin Place and why".

Abbott and Baird doing what they do  best.

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We'll be sunk if we don't choose the best submarine: Ross Babbage's advice from 2012 rings ever more true given humiliation by the Russian fleet

We did not see the Russians coming,and we have been humiliated.

We cannot afford to waste time, pondering skills we do not have.

Therefore, taking up the US offer, as explained in 2012 by Ross Babbage,is increasingly a  necessity we cannot afford to  ignore:

Option five is to buy or lease Virginia-class submarines from the US. The Virginias are fast and have almost unlimited endurance. They carry sensors with extraordinary performance such that they can routinely see 
potential opponents well before they themselves can  be detected, often at trans-oceanic distances. 
They have also been designed from scratch to be very flexible and perform a broader range of functions that would deliver Australia strong deterrence power even against a major power.
The Virginia class is in series production, hence the project risks are low. The contract for the 14th Virginia has been signed for a price of $1.2bn, but by the time they are fully fitted out, the sail-away price is $2.5bn. These boats are demonstrating exceptional operational performance and high reliability and would provide class-wide training and upgrade programs. Operating RAN and USN Virginias in close partnership would also take the ANZUS alliance to a new level.
The most obvious obstacle to an Australian purchase of Virginias is that these boats are nuclear-powered. However, their propulsion systems have an exemplary track record, their reactors never need to be refuelled and if the boats were leased, say, for 30 years, they could be handed back to the suppliers for disposal.

We'll be sunk if we don't choose the best submarine

  • From:The Australian 
  • January 17, 2012 12:00AM

THE powerful national security committee of cabinet is scheduled to meet in the next few weeks to select a plan for Australia's largest defence purchase, a new class of submarines.

There is much at stake. Australia is facing a markedly different security outlook than that of 30 years ago, when planning commenced for the Collins-class submarines.
With the rapid growth of Chinese military capabilities specifically designed to kneecap the US and its allies, and more serious challenges emerging in the Persian Gulf, the centres of global power tensions are now right on our doorstep.
If directly threatened, coerced or attacked, this country needs credible means of deterring and countering even a major power.
It needs one or more powerful instruments with a capacity to stop a belligerent country in its tracks. Advanced submarines are one of very few capabilities that can contribute meaningfully to this.

In a crisis, the new boats should not only be able to sink ships and destroy maritime installations but also fire cruise missiles to precisely strike high-value targets well inland. The right submarine force can give Australia this credible deterrence. That is why getting the submarine decision right is vital.
To do this, Australia needs more than just small submarines to serve as crocodiles in the ditch of our immediate approaches. We need vessels that can travel rapidly to East Asia and to the distant reaches of the Indian Ocean to manoeuvre there with high security for extended periods.
The government has five primary options for new submarines.
First, it could select one of the small European or Japanese diesel-electric submarines that have recently been in production. In their basic form, these boats could be delivered for about $600 million each.
They are of some use in shallow coastal waters but would be little more than mobile minefields in the approaches to Australia. Fitting modern US-sourced sensor, fire control, weapons and stealth systems would improve their performance but raise their unit costs to about $1.5 billion.
This option would be relatively cheap and carry only moderate risk. It would be attractive to those arguing any submarine will do. However, the reality is that these boats would be outclassed in the 2030-50 timeframe in the Western Pacific. Their diesel-electric propulsion systems, even with air-independent power generators, would render these boats extremely vulnerable.
They would be relatively slow, have modest endurance and their constricted onboard power would limit their sensor fits and weapon loads. The bottom line is that these boats would not provide the credible deterrence and defensive power Australia needs.
The second option is to build a stretched and debugged Collins-class in Australia. This would entail retention of the current hull diameter but building a longer, more modern and more flexible diesel-electric submarine. The unit price might initially be about $1.8bn but eventually would blow out to about $2.5bn.
This son-of-Collins option would entail considerable risk, would deliver another orphan submarine operated only by Australia and, given the likelihood of technical and other difficulties, would almost certainly arrive late and have low operational availability in service. However, this option would give a considerable boost to Australian industry, particularly in South Australia.
While the son-of-Collins option would eventually deliver better boats than option one, they would still suffer from the problems of diesel-electric propulsion and be outclassed towards the middle of this century.
The third option is a variant of the second. It involves taking forward many of the lessons of the Collins with a larger diameter hull and a completely new submarine design. This son-of-Collins II option would probably promise the largest and most capable diesel-electric submarine in the world and it would deliver an even bigger boost to Australian industry.
An initial quote might be $2.1bn a boat, but would probably end up costing more than $3bn.
However, son-of-Collins II would be fraught with very high risk, the program would inevitably run late and system reliability and online availability would be low.
Son-of-Collins II would eventually be able to carry a wider range of sensors and weapons, but their diesel-electric propulsion systems would still render them vulnerable in the 2030-50 timeframe. These boats would offer only limited deterrence.
Option four would essentially outsource the design, development and production of a son-of-Collins II boat to a major European or Japanese manufacturer. Several companies are already working on designs for large diesel-electric submarines, such as the German Type 216 and the Japanese follow-on to the Soryu-class. This option would aim to reduce program risk by having a foreign manufacturer build and test the first one or two boats overseas and then supervise construction of follow-on boats in Australia.
Option four overlooks the fact that all new submarine classes built by every country experience design and performance problems. The resulting boats would probably still be orphans and expensive to buy. Importantly, they would still have the vulnerabilities inherent in diesel-electric propulsion and they would not deliver the type of strong deterrence and defensive power that Australia now needs.
Option five is to buy or lease Virginia-class submarines from the US. The Virginias are fast and have almost unlimited endurance. They carry sensors with extraordinary performance such that they can routinely see potential opponents well before they themselves can be detected, often at trans-oceanic distances. They have also been designed from scratch to be very flexible and perform a broader range of functions that would deliver Australia strong deterrence power even against a major power.
The Virginia class is in series production, hence the project risks are low. The contract for the 14th Virginia has been signed for a price of $1.2bn, but by the time they are fully fitted out, the sail-away price is $2.5bn. These boats are demonstrating exceptional operational performance and high reliability and would provide class-wide training and upgrade programs. Operating RAN and USN Virginias in close partnership would also take the ANZUS alliance to a new level.
The most obvious obstacle to an Australian purchase of Virginias is that these boats are nuclear-powered. However, their propulsion systems have an exemplary track record, their reactors never need to be refuelled and if the boats were leased, say, for 30 years, they could be handed back to the suppliers for disposal.
When President Barack Obama released the results of the US strategic review two weeks ago, he said the Western Pacific theatre posed new, very demanding challenges for the US and its allies. The US is responding by planning a stronger presence in the Western Pacific and it is looking to its allies to also lift their game. The Australian government needs to face up to the new challenges squarely.
This is not a time to choose second- or third-best. We need a new class of submarines with known costs that can be commissioned on time and that will reliably deliver the powerful deterrence this country needs.
Ross Babbage is a former senior Defence official and founder of the Kokoda Foundation

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Katyusha: Welcoming the Russian fleet

Despite advance knowledge, Australia has not been able to do very much, not even repeat the "shirt-fronting" threat. Under the circumstances, this might be a better response:

US watches as nuclear sub may be accompanying Putin flotilla

Defence Editor
US warships monitored a Russian naval task group as it headed down through Asia towards Australia in an apparent show of force by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who arrives in Brisbane tonight for the G20 summit.
The US surface warships are believed to have kept watch on the four Russian vessels near Japan as they headed south.
The Australian has been told the US and the Australian Defence Force have been in close contact over the group’s progress.
When the Russians headed southward more than a week ago, the Royal Australian Navy frigates HMAS Paramatta and HMAS Stuart, and a long-range P3 Orion maritime patrol aircraft from the RAAF were sent to monitor them.
It has also been suggested that a US submarine was observing the ships. The presence of the four Russian ships has triggered speculation that there could be a fifth vessel in the group — a nuclear submarine.
It was common in the past for a Russian taskforce far from home to be escorted by a nuclear submarine, which would scout ahead of the flotilla. Naval sources say that is a less common practice now but the increasing Russian posturing around the globe has raised the possibility it is happening again.
The Russians’ arrival appeared to be part of its global show of strength, which in recent weeks has included sending bombers towards NATO airspace in Europe and towards the US and over Japanese territorial waters.
The ships’ arrival comes after weeks of tension between Mr Putin and Tony Abbott, with the Prime Minister vowing to “shirt-front” the Russian leader after the shooting-down of flight MH17 over Ukraine, which killed 298 people, including 38 Australian citizens and residents.
Former Australian rear admir­al James Goldrick, now a Lowy Institute fellow, said the Russian voyage was probably planned before the “shirt-fronting” comment was made.
“It is a message that Russia is a Pacific power and that it has military capabilities in the Pacific, that it has reach and that it is prepared to demonstrate it,” he said.
“It is about being assertive.
“Clearly it is a message for other countries, but also it is part of a continuing demonstration by Putin to the Russian public that Russia is a great power asserting its presence and that it won’t be ignored.”
Mr Abbott said it was not unusual for Russia to deploy naval ele­ments during a significant international event but “certainly it is unusual for Russian naval elements to be in Australian waters”.
He said Russia was being more assertive and its decision to deploy into the Pacific would have been made months ago.
“We’re seeing — regrettably — a great deal of Russian assertiveness right now in Ukraine,’’ Mr Abbott said. “So, it’s not really surprising and we are doing what you’d expect us to do. We are carefully monitoring the movements of these ships when they are in Australia’s approaches.”
Additional reporting: Peter Alford, Simon King

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Australia's Indian community cannot trust the Abbott Government with its safety and security

by Ganesh Sahathevan

Muslim Community leader Keysar Trad was recently invited by the Abbott Government to work with it to ensure the safety of all Australians against acts of terrorism by his fellow Muslims.

The same person is on record saying:

India, the Asian country which is dominated by the lowest of the low amongst racists, the class society which divides its own people into four classes and places people of other faiths, and Muslims in particular as the lowest of the low. The policies of these cow worshippers, and their extermination of Muslims in their countries and inside Kashmir (to the silence of Western countries) is one more example of how this feeling of elitism is not restricted to the colour of the elitist, it is a lifestyle of those idiots who have intoxicated themselves with a false feeling of power, and who actively exercise this power against others.
(see full article below)

Right or wrong, Mr Trad has grievances against India and the customs,traditions and beliefs of her  people, some of whom are now Australian residents and citizens.
Trusting Mr Trad to ensure our safety (speaking as one of sub-continental heritage) is asking for a level of naivety that would be frowned upon even in a child.

Nevertheless, Mr Abbott and his Government seem intent on seeking Mr Trad's counsel , and in doing whatever necessary to ensure his community and he are kept on side.
Asking that the Indian community trust that the Abbott Government will do what is in the best interest of the community's safety and security is asking that we stupidly believe that we will not  be left exposed by advise from Mr Trad designed to leave us vulnerable to attacks from his Muslim brethren. Neither can we take the chance that we will inadvertently be left the loser in some compromise that the Abbott Government concludes with Mr Trad, in the mistaken belief that it will keep everyone safe.

[This article was published in the 16th issue of Nida'ul Islam magazine (, December - January 1996-97]

RACISIM: An Islamic Response

In her maiden speech in parliament, Pauline Hanson revealed the egoist nature of Western society. Her stance was supported by Graham Campbell, who is notorious for his anti-Islam view. We look at the nature of Australian society, and compare it within the context of Islam.


"He said: I am better than him, You created me from fire, and created him from clay." [S7:V12]
So was the first reported case of elitism, and the promise, that through the same trap, Satan would attempt to beguile humanity.
The second reported case was the competition between Cain and Able, that bout of elitism ended in the elitist killing the humble of the two. (refer 5: 27-31)
Ever since, man has been trying to prove that he is better than the next, except for those saved by Allah.
What brings one to write about elitism? Is it indeed the threat faced by the society we live in when a member of this society abuses her position of honour, and stirs these feelings of elitism? You know, the case between Adam and Satan was one being exclaiming superiority over another, the case with Cain and Able was that of one person not being able to bear the superiority of another when this was proven to him, so he killed him.
Today, the elitist builds a cult, to rally support, and then looks for what it considers the weakest in its society, and rallies its cult to prey on this weak section of its society. It can go on a larger scale, if it is intelligent, and make all in its society members of its cult, and prey on neighbouring societies.
I cannot resist the Hitler parallel, wanting to destroy every person who did not fit into the particular mould he had in mind, and today's fame-starved individuals who have an image, and appear to believe that fitting to that image holds the salvation for the society they live in.
So Pauline Hanson talks about the big picture, without looking at it; she looks at the threat from the position of a desperate coward, not realising the opportunities which a little tact, a little research, and the realisation of just how powerful one is, would generate for the improvement of her society.
Then we have Graeme Campbell, who went a step further and actually named Muslims as being undesirable immigrants because Islamic fundamentalism is so alien to western culture.
He was sufficiently brave to actually come out and say this, yet, from the Muslim viewpoint, our ideology is the best salvation for the people of Australia, and the people of the world in general. Yes, we are a threat to the culture of drunkenness, paedophilia, and mostly we are a big threat to the culture of ELITISM.
To us, the most honourable is the most pious, and we are not in the position to judge this piety, so we as Muslims, are fundamentally opposed to the notion of elitism. We encourage the principle that we are all to Adam, and Adam was created from earth.
The noise generated by so many, and the mass support that these elitist individuals seem to rally is incredible to say the least. It would be easier to understand this mentality in Rwanda, or in some South American countries, or any third world country where Islam is a minority. But in Australia, it is extremely perturbing.
So how is this elitism countered? It seems that the reaction only came when the bank balance started to suffer, when condemnation came from the president of the Olympic body, from our foreign customers, from people who can influence our own personal benefits. They were not criticised because their views are evil, not because they are destructive, but because they would reflect badly on us.
How many from our own community reacted on the basis that Pauline is threatening our own personal lifestyles? How many of us were angered for Allah alone, rather than self interest? If we are angered because of self interest, then we are no different to her, we should sign up as fellow elitists.
How far removed are these elitist notions from our Messenger (peace and blessings upon him), he used to look for these disadvantaged groups and be the first to offer assistance, and encouraged his companions and all Muslims to offer assistance to them.
Traditionally, the Muslim notion and reaction is to welcome a disadvantaged person, and serve upon them, and offer every assistance which we are capable of. This indeed is diametrically opposed to the elitist views which are touted by so many in this community.
Let them go back to their own country! They stuffed it up there, let them solve their own problems! We do not want their problems in our country! When in Rome, do as the Romans do! They do not assimilate! Assimilation is now the most vile word to my hearing because it has been so abused by these people.
It is astounding how, when Pauline started the assimilation argument that the media found a Muslim woman wearing the Hijab, slightly overweight, doing her shopping, and channel nine would show her in an advertisement for one of their shows, right after the assimilation comment. They do not film a fat Australian woman in tight bicycle shorts, or tight pants, or an Australian drunk, or a nun, or an Australian welfare cheat. NO!!! They show a Muslim woman wearing a Hijab, she is not assimilating, it would be okay if this same woman walked around in bicycle shorts, with her body vulgarly bulging out to the point of regurgitation.
These people are whacked, they have not got a clue! Unfortunately, there are too many of them to be described as a minority. Perhaps they are the vocal section of a wider group, because it seems that the Liberal and Labour governments have tacitly approved and employed a form of discrimination in their policies before this fiasco.
One just needs to look at the points system, and how these favour European migrants. Or the government services, or the way non - Westerners are treated by many in our community.
However, the politically correct discrimination practised by other Parliamentarians was different. Whilst it was there, and enforced, the little man, who had become accustomed to so much being given to him, did not really understand it, it was too subtle, and too well exercised, you had to be astute to discover it.
Pauline Hanson was the panacea for this little man who needed it spelled out. Her words, although they did not call for action against migrants who are already in this country, gave this little man the license to vet out his frustrations on these migrants. Instead of guarding the borders of the country against the illegal entrants into Australia, he wanted to reverse the migration, and make life intolerable for the migrants already here, and send them back. He does not care about their contribution to society. He did not understand why the other parliamentarians were discreet about voicing these views.
The unwillingness of the other parliamentarians to give more than the least lip service to these views just shows that these people tacitly support such views. Elitism is rife in our politics, the classic example is the report in the paper of a couple of parliamentarians wanting to gag a Greens senator for not wearing his tie, and the report named one of these as one of the people speaking out against Pauline. It is just a struggle to grab anything which will boost their egos, to justify their elitism. Simultaneously blinded to any fact which would breed understanding.
So the little man feels braver now, and is able to justify taunting our sisters when they walk in the streets as he passes them in his car. Or to taunt me because I look non Western. He is justified, because Pauline has inadvertently convinced him that such actions are the solution to the problems of this country and he is the white knight in his shining armour, with the blue Australian Blood (or should I say: the beer Australian blood) who must come to the rescue.
As these people are responding to the suggestions of Satan, unhesitantly, and the basic suggestion, the very one which fell him from grace, the "I am better than he" principle, they are heading to the same fate.
And how many a community passed away before them, which are now destroyed: "And how many a township have We destroyed while it was sinful, so that it lies in ruins, and a deserted well, and lofty tower! Have they not traveled in the land, and have they hearts wherewith to feel and ears wherewith to hear? For indeed it is not the eyes that grow blind, but it is the hearts, which are within the bosoms, that grow blind." [S22:V45-46]
"See they not how many generation We destroyed before them, whom We had established in the earth more firmly that We have established you, and We shed on them abundant showers from the sky, and made the rivers flow beneath them. Yet We destroyed them for their sins and created after them another generation." [S6:V6]
"And We have indeed written in the Zabour after the Zikr, that the Earth will be inherited by my servants who are righteous." [S21:V105]
In a way, they feel safe because of the quantity of water which surrounds this country, so they feel fortified behind this great body, it gives them a feeling of security. But the reality is, the land belongs to God, not to them, and if those foreigners, whom they fear as migrants are not permitted to enter as migrants, they will come as settlers, in numbers so large that they will not be able to process them, hold them, or stop them. What will they do then? If these foreigners who are restraining themselves, because they see a legal hope, that they can come to this vast mainly uninhabited land for whatever reason, are told that there is no longer a legal way to come here, what will they do?
What will a starving person do when he wants food?
They will no longer respect these laws which were drafted in a cocoon away from the reality that the land of Australia does not belong to white European man. In fact, if the original inhabitants had their way, or if we want to employ Pauline Hanson justice, then white man should pack his bags and leave this country, for your people Pauline, have been the worst of guests!
The criminal dregs of white society colonised this country, and now, they only take the select choice of other societies, and the descendants of these criminal dregs tell us that they are better than us. And because we are not elitists, we tolerate them. Yet they want us to assimilate, perhaps they will only become satisfied when we each die our hair red, wear blue/green contact lenses, and operate a fish and chips shop, otherwise, we would not be truly assimilating, would we?
"As for those whose souls the angels took while still they were wronging themselves - the angels said, "in what were you engaged?" They said, "We were weak in the land." They said: "was not Allah's earth spacious, so that you might have emigrated in it?" So for those, their abode is hell, and it is a bad destination." [S4:V97]
So it is a duty for the oppressed to seek out a land where he can practice his faith without persecution, rather than join the rot.
Of course, Australia has to feature prominently in this treatise, for no reason other than the fact that I live here. A study of other western countries will show the situation to be worse. In America for example, the situation with elitism sees the neighbouring Mexicans whose Texas was usurped from them by the Yanks being treated like unwanted feral animals, they are refused any basic human rights, and reports have been filed of their numbers being bashed and humiliated by border patrols. The US policies are more far reaching, it seems that as their power of communication, and weapon potential grows, they expand their influence and interference in the domestic affairs of foreign nations. So we see subversive activities in practically all South American countries to keep them unstable so that they can never pose a threat to the myth of the great free America.
If we look further, we see their interference in the affairs of Islamic countries which are on the other side of the globe, we see them shape the politics of Egypt, Saudi, Kuwait and many other countries, and we see them suppressing the revival of Islam there.
Canada is an example of irony, a country divided into two official languages seeing the French side banning shop signs in languages other than French.
Yet the French appear to be the most intolerant going to the extent of banning the importation of basic Islamic books into their country, including simple books such as Dr Yusuf Al-Qaradawy's "The Lawful and the Prohibited in Islam", and banning Muslim women from attending high schools and universities if their head is covered with a scarf. To the point of having police there to stop these sisters from entering university grounds.
The British are no better, their incestuous relationship and influence over Arab countries saw them debating the introduction of a new law to deport Muslims on suspicion of so called "fundamentalist" links without a trial. Not to mention their support of the Serbs in the Balkan conflict through opposing arms sale to the Bosnian Muslims.
The Germans are not free from blame either, apart from their open support to the Croatians in the Balkan conflict, Turkish Muslims have been hunted by youth gangs in Germany as well as having a number of Muslim homes burnt at the hands of these gangs.
The Communists in particular have practised their elitism against all religion and Islam in particular, turning mosques into factories, and deporting entire Muslim communities such as the mass deportation of 3 million Chechens at the end of WW2 by Stalin where one million died on the way, and their brutal invasion of Chechnya and their inhuman treatment of Muslims there.
The Chinese are also actively practicing their form of elitism on minorities in their country and abroad with persecutions of Muslims, and the entering into treaties with Russia and other countries to counter the growing threat of the "Islamic Menace".
There are other examples in Africa, Rwanda Hootoos and Tutsies, and in Palestine, where Palestinian Muslims in particular have no rights whatsoever, to the extent that the murder of a Palestinian earns the Israeli murderer a penalty of one third of a cent and a suspended prison sentence. They have an excuse though, they are "God's chosen people" - what they do not realise is that they have been chosen as fuel for His fire, but they will keep this murder going until we stop them with the help of Allah.
India, the Asian country which is dominated by the lowest of the low amongst racists, the class society which divides its own people into four classes and places people of other faiths, and Muslims in particular as the lowest of the low. The policies of these cow worshippers, and their extermination of Muslims in their countries and inside Kashmir (to the silence of Western countries) is one more example of how this feeling of elitism is not restricted to the colour of the elitist, it is a lifestyle of those idiots who have intoxicated themselves with a false feeling of power, and who actively exercise this power against others.
What it boils down to is that elitism is practised to the detriment of others in many Western countries, as well as would be Western countries, on various scales. It seems that a common victim of this elitism with all these countries is the Muslim; this is evident through both government policies and the way their media reports negatively on Islam.
The joke is on the elitists and the Muslims who stand idly by letting all this take place without exercising the power given to us by Islam. "And if you turn away, He will exchange a people other than you, then they will not be like you." [S47: V38]

By Br. Keysar Trad

Monday, July 21, 2014

MH 17-Najib's deal leaves Australia out on a limb: Abbott let down by DAFT,Bishop ,Peta & co?

For the sake of efficiency , I am copying and pasting an email posted to recipients on my mailing list .

That Malaysian PM Najib concluded  a deal with the rebels/separatists/bastards even as 
 Julie Bishop was doing her thing at the UN, illustrates the point raised below, that while Tony Abbot rightly demanded that Russia cooperate in the matter of MH 17, he was likely to find himself out on a limb while the other parties involved approached the matter in the context of their own national interest. 

Australians ought to be concerned that an understanding of the competing priorities seemed to be lacking in Abbott's words and actions. Again, he seems to have been let down by his advisers. 

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From: Ganesh Sahathevan <>
Date: Sun, Jul 20, 2014 at 1:04 PM
Subject: Standing up to Putin-Europe needs Russia's energy, and Malaysia its fighter jets? Why Australia might be left out on a limb

While Tony Abbott has rightly demanded that Russia take responsibility and cooperate with other interested countries in the 
the MH 17 investigation, it does look as if Malaysia and Europe may have other priorities to consider.
Europe's dependence on Russian gas has been well documented.
Malaysia's reliance on Russia for air defence is less clear, especially in context of this intriguing report:

MH17 Rosmah Mansor has sent word to Russian President Vladimir Putin to call her husband, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, over the MH17 tragedy.

According to a brief report in Sin Chew Daily website, Rosmah said she had asked someone, who is close to her as well as Putin, to convey the message.
However, there is no mention as to who this person is.
The report stated that Rosmah is hoping Putin would take the initiative to call Najib and explain the issue in order to calm down Malaysians, who are enraged over the incident.
Sin Chew also did not state where she had made the remarks.
Rosmah was present at a Wanita Umno function in Kuala Lumpur earlier butBernama, which reported on the event, made no mention of her commenting on the ill-fated plane.
Upon completing Maghrib prayers, Najib received a call from Putin.
However, the report was removed from Sin Chew website later in the day.

Meanwhile, Abbott and Julie Bishop have had no luck getting hold of their Russian counterparts-and are instead being publicly scolded  by the Russians:


Malaysia Invests In Sukhoi Fighter Readiness

Malaysia has allocated RM300 million to increase the combat readiness of the Royal Malaysian Air Force’s fleet of Sukhoi Su-30MKMs.
Malaysia has allocated RM300 million to increase the combat readiness of the Royal Malaysian Air Force’s fleet of Sukhoi Su-30MKMs.
June 17, 2013, 4:10 AM
The events in Sabah, Malaysia, this past March, when local forces conducted Operation Daulat used combat jets to quell the resistance of the Filipino gunmen on the island of Borneo, may have prompted a spate of arms sales to that country and her closest neighbors. The armed forces do have a big wish list for weapons, but procurement processes for the most expensive and longest-lead items are likely to be launched properly only after the general elections in Malaysia later this year. In the meantime, the ministry of finance and the royal treasury–the two main watchdogs–are loosening their grips somewhat so as to give the air force the means to improve its fleet readiness.
In late March, Sukhoi won a three-year contract called “The supply of articles, services and technical assistance for Su-30MKM aircraft” worth RM300 million (more than U.S.$100 million), three times the allocation over the previous three-year period. Respective documents were signed by MOD secretary general Datuk Dr. Haji Ismail Haji Ahmad, with Sukhoi deputy general director for marketing Alexander Klementiev and director for after-sales support Vyacheslav Lozan. The increased spending is meant to boost combat readiness of the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) Su-30MKM fleet from the current level of 65 to 70 percent to 85 percent in the “near term” and eventually increase this to 100 percent. TheRMAF’s 11th Squadron stationed at Gong Kedak has 18 heavyweight twin-engine vectored-thrust fighters received new from Irkut’s IAZ factory in 2007-2011. After the manufacturer’s guarantee period expired, most of the Russian support team departed Gong Kedak AFB, leaving only three of their number–and they then left this past January following expiration of the previous service contract.
“The notable increase in spending on our services will allow our specialists to more closely monitor the aircraft operations and shorten the reaction time to RMAF requests for spares and repair services. Importantly, the new contract calls for a permanent presence of Sukhoi advisors and technicians at Gong Kedak,” Klementiev told AIN. The contract calls for deliveries of additional aerodrome equipment, increase of spares and expendables stocks, carrying out on-site repairs of onboard equipment, consultancy and training forRMAF maintainers.
As part of the aircraft delivery contract, Russia built the Sukhoi Technical Center (STC) at Gong Kedak. It was completed and handed over to the Malaysian government, which appointed Aerospace Technology Systems Corp. (ATSC) to be the operator. To work at full capacity, STC’s warehouses need to be filled with spares, expendables and maintenance tools, as necessary, which will be done under the new contract. The facility has several workshops and will permit RMAF and ATSC to perform maintenance, except major overhaul of airframes, engines and the most complex parts of onboard systems. Sukhoi assessed ATSCstaff members as “well educated” but indicated they need more training in performing manufacturer-prescribed work on Russian-made jets.
RMAF crews have mastered aerobatics and use of vectored thrust, attracting praise from the Russian air force commander Gen. Victor Bondarev, while he was attending the LIMA 2013 show. Following training of the initial group of Malaysian fighter pilots, Sukhoi and Irkut ceased such services four years ago. They hoped the customer would award them a new contract for pilot training “sometime in the future to ensure that the RMAF 11th Squadron crews are able to use the Su-30MKM capabilities to full extent,” including application of precision-guided munitions. “This would require us to send a group of highly skilled engineers and pilots there who have the complete knowledge of the type’s functional capabilities,” said Klementiev.
ATSC was founded in 1994 as a joint venture with a 70-percent stake held by National Aerospace and Defense Industries, and the rest by Russian partners, and runs the MiG Technical Center at Kuantan AFB and MiG Component Repair Center at MEC City. The company claims to have mastered checks on the Su-30MKM after each 200 flight hours and servicing procedures on the airplane’s OEPrNK optronic aiming and navigation complex system, OLS optical locator, N011M “Bars” fire control radar and fly-by-wire systems, as well as AL-31FP engine module changes.
Despite the increase in funding for RMAF, salesmen remain cautious about prospects of replacement for 18 MiG-29N/NUBs delivered in 1995. “We know about the plans of the military, but we also hear about the economy slowdown and the respective position of the ministry of finance. Cost-effective upgrade solutions may win over,” Victor Komardin, deputy head of Russia’s Rosoboronexport arms sales agency, told AIN.
Guided by this knowledge, Rosoboronexport is offering an upgrade package to the RMAF’s 18-year-old MiGs, which will boost their capability and extend their lifetime to 40 years. Should the customer decide to replace the MiGs with newer aircraft, Russia is ready to supply additional quantities of advanced Su-30MKMs or even consider a request for a fifth-generation fighter. “We are keen to take part in any competition in Malaysia that is officially opened,” Komardin said. Other candidates to replace RMAF MiG-29s are the Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet, EF-2000 Eurofighter Typhoon, Dassault Rafale and Saab Gripen.